NESARA stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

Here’s a few of the benefits it promises:

  • Forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities
  • Abolishes income tax
  • Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government
  • Increases benefits to senior citizens
  • Returns Constitutional Law
  • Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups
  • Creates new US Treasury currency, “rainbow currency,” backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals
  • Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.
  • Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve System
  • Restores financial privacy
  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law
  • Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide
  • Establishes peace throughout the world
  • Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes
  • Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices(Emphasis mine)

You can get more info here:

I had no idea this even existed. More US citizens should be made aware of this. However, I’m afraid it sounds too good to be true…

Any thoughts?

doesn’t look good, from the wikipedia page…

It would be nice, and propably would contribute greatly towards world peace and prosperity. But mankind has a long way to go, before we can implement those principles.

It is only with knowledge and application of the finer principles can man strive to be enlightened while here on earth. Great link Venom Seven.

Abolishes income tax
Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government

They must’ve taken this from the idea of the Fair Tax, Huckabee was advertising that all throughout his campaign.

About bringing world peace, there’s always going to be fighting in some part of the world, the idea has a lot of good points though.

Restores Constitutional Law in America as of NESARA’s public announcement.

Yeah, it is too good to be true. The first line is the give away. Laws don’t become enforcable because they are publically announced. That hasn’t been the case since the Speaker recited the laws from the Speaker’s stone in the 10th century Althing.

Just from looking at the language on the first page, it looks like whoever put up that Nesara website doesn’t know much about the American political/legal system.

all members of Congress are immediately removed from office by NESARA’s public announcement; specific law enforcement personnel shall physically remove Bush government officials from their offices.

and we all get magic ponies. :smiley:

(I want a blue one with a silver mane)

I want mine wearing a tinfoil hat. Goodwin believes in Atlantis and Lemuria, and the fact that she’s trying to become the next Ron Hubbard doesn’t help.

By far, though, the most ridiculous proposition of them all is the one where the US has the ability to declare world peace by itself. Good luck with that.

Atlantis and Lemuria, huh? :spin: You sure you want that tinfoil hat on the pony? After all, Mrs. Hubbard’s little boy became the first Ron Hubbard, so anythings possible, no? Didn’t we start a Blender Cult last year? Where’s my damn acolytes?

@VenomSeven, I think you’ve discovered that even the lunatic fringe can put together fancy web sites.

You sure you want that tinfoil hat on the pony?

Just to remember where it came from. Goodwin belongs to the Ramtha cult, which is directed by a Judy Zebra Knight. Quoting the wikipedia (for your enjoyment):

“When Knight claims she is channelling Ramtha, she speaks only English, although in an accented and sometimes simplistic way and has expressed confusion about modern items (“What is a carrot?”, “What say you in this silver chariot?” directed at a woman in a wheelchair) while also professing intimate knowledge of worldly affairs and conspiracies. During the channeling she behaves ‘manly’, with her chest puffed up talking in a deeper and stern voice, and often seen smoking a pipe.”

You gotta hand it to her, she’s more entertaining than Hubbard.

Regardless of what you guys think of the people who wrote this, it’s not the credibility of the authors we’re discussing here. It’s the principles. To me, they sound very possible if there is a strong force behind it. We still have power here, and they know it.

All of this republican/democrat crap is designed to divide us so we can argue over smaller issues like abortion.

Since this is already “in the books”. We as US citizens can unite in pushing forward these laws so that it can become reality. If there are massive amounts of people in protest, they will not be able to ignore us.

Read through the list of benefits presented by this act, especially the ones in bold. If you agree:

Call your congressmen and DEMAND that NESARA be put into action ASAP.

Together we can do it. We have to pressure them. We have to push back while we STILL CAN.

This is where you can take about two minutes of your life and take action now.

Call the congressional switchboard: 1-800-839-5276 or 202-224-3121. When you call just ask to be connected to your local congressman or senator. You will be asked for your ZIP code and once you give them that they will give you the number to the politician’s office and connect you with them free of charge.

It will only take a few minutes.

Do this multiple times if you can.

Please do this, each and every single voice counts. You still have power.

Forget about your separate beliefs or differences of opinion. This government needs to be removed from power NOW. (seriously, who dosent agree with this?)

Do you seriously believe that this law has passed? I took a look at the NESARA web site, there are many interesting things there, but the one thing that is missing is a bill number for either the House or the Senate. It is not “in the books” no matter how much the proponents claim it is. If it were a law, it would be in the Federal Register and the US Code. It aint.

It’s not a law. It’s not even close to a law. It hasn’t even been introduced in the legislature. So, if the government needs to be removed from power NOW, what methods do you propose? Impeachment? Torches and pitchforks? A military coup? Sternly worded letters? Calling your congresscritter? “Hello, I’m your constituent, and I want you to leave your office, go home and never return to Washington DC ever again. We will have a new election and elect somebody else.”

You guys probably don’t recall a time when the Fairness doctrine kept hate speech off the radio, and each city had two newspapers. Now all the feed is corporate bs and spin. Venom, research wedge issues like abortion: these were introduced by republicans, not republicans/democrats. The idea that both parties are equally to blame is yet another republican talking point, that’s been the conventional wisdom among the corporate news talking heads for the last thirty years.

Actually you’re right. After doing a bit of my own research, I cant find any hard evidence of NESARA being put into law. So in retrospect I did take what the website said as truth, and for that I apologize.

However, this does not mean that we should be discouraged in fighting for these principles.

I’m a firm believer that those who have violated their oath to enforce and protect the constitution should be removed from office immediately. Impeachment would be a great start. We have to get the support of those politicians who still follow the law of the constitution and cooperate with them in order to make this work.

George Bush should be rotting in jail right now, along with Cheney and all who helped them decieve the American people into endless war.

I think that if NESARA ever was (hypothetically speaking here, of course) put into law, it would most likely be covered up by those who dont abide by constitutional law. Just like many other events that were covered up by the government. Such as Operation Northwoods. (which is well documented)

If you’re not convinced by now that the current system of government and banking has failed the American people, then its time to wake up.

If we don’t change things soon we’re going to lose all of the power we still have left.

Your rights are systematically being taken away from you. Do something while you still can.

(I just noticed this is my 1776th post. That’s convenient.)

My only concern that the policitians should deserve a second chance as does everyone. To have only “perfect” people in power means that mistakes are not tolerated, and us “sub-humans” who follow these perfect people, are drawn into the dark path that Mr Hitler envisaged for his idealogy. It’s good when our leaders make mistakes, but not when they abuse power, or are incompetent, provide they learn from it. Ofcourse when our leaders make mistakes - they are ofcourse choosen from us.

I just want to comment that some societies like the intellectuals who only accept folks with certain tough academic criteria, and then enforce strict, but good rules can be said to be heading down this path somewhat. Equal opportunity they say, but ofcourse the bad apples are always there.
EDIT: This is 3801 post. Not sure if it any significance.

I totally agree with VenomSeven.
I have no idea why did they fake a Cuban terrorist attack on Miami. That must have been one of the most stupid presidents in the history of the United States of America.
There was another thing, called MK-ULTRA, that tested drugs such as LSD by putting it on innocent people’s food.

Okay so lets just forgive those who knowingly commited treason and violated the constitution. Lets give those guys a second chance and see what happens then.

What!? Are you serious? You think it’s good when our leaders make mistakes? What planet have you been living on?

I’m not saying that the politicians should be removed if they make any mistake period. I’m saying they should be removed if they don’t do what they agreed to do when they were put into office.

Knowingly breaking constitutional law is a pretty big mistake (that’s the OPPOSITE of what a politician is supposed to do), which is grounds for termination.

That’s like giving a second chance to a cop who opens fire on a crowd of innocent civilians. He’s doing the opposite of his job and you want to give him a second chance?

Nice touch. :rolleyes:

The funniest part is when it says the US will declare world peace like it is actually possible for a single country to declare that. By that logic why can’t a single person declare world peace at any given moment? In fact, I’m going to try it right now. I officially declare world peace! remember, if it works you heard it first on blender artists. :eyebrowlift:

but seriously, I want a magic pony. When are they giving those out?
Mine should have blue hair and fart glitter dust while it flies.

You’re misinterpreting that point. Here’s a little bit more info on that:

As I said in the beginning, this does sound too good to be true. But, I think if you agree with what this act proposes then you should fight to make it a reality. No-one else can do this for us.