Nessie (loch ness "monster")

I am just getting into organic modeling, and I decided to do Nessie for my first attempt. I got the idea because someone else is making a nessie-ish creature, and because I love nessie. ( I can’t wait for the movie! :eyebrowlift: ) I know I need to add more fins, I will get onto that eventually. Since there isn’t exactly real reference images, I’m going with a more generic aspect portion-wise. Does the body seem to fat, is the tail to big or too long? What about the neck?

I think the body is fine and the tail sould probubly be thicker and maybe longer.

thx :slight_smile: what do I do about the face though? I’m new to organic modeling so I only have this basic shape… Should I just ignore it? I could probably get away with that…

i would suggest making the arm flipper things flow more and not just look like they stick out strait from inside the body, if you know what i mean.

I added two front flippers, changed the body a little, and I rigged nessie. Thankfully the rigging worked for once so I will fool around with that to get the proper fin position… but now I want to get the right water texture, (any suggestions on how to do water?) and I need some land. I’m doing a night scene to make use of the star generator, so I don’t think nessie needs much if any more detail, she will probably just be a shadow. The fins probably won’t even be visible at all, I’m only doing them for personal satisfaction. I will post an image shortly.

Here is my finished? product… anyone have ideas/suggestions for improvement? Is it good enough to pass off as real? Seriously though… I want to pretend for a little that this is a real sighting by posting it at some forum and see that way if it’s real enough but I want it to be as perfect as possible beforehand so please tell me. c&c’s welcome of course!

The waves look painted in the foreground. That looks like too much turbulance that far away from land.
I’m not sure if you want it to be that dark or if its my monitor. If you stand up and look at a downward angle to your monitor you can see that the cliffs texture is too repetitive.You might try seporating the cliffs and tweeking the texture on each a little.
Seems like there should be more light in the sky compared to the water.
Come to think of it. With the light on the water and the turbulance out there. It looks like there should be a helicopter with a light hovering right there.
I think no piece is ever finished…You just run out of time for it

Nice! +Thanks for the comment :P.
Was the water modeled in blender? it looks almost photo-realistic.
The loch ness monster itself also looks real, except for 1 thing. The specularity is too high to be at that distance :stuck_out_tongue: just tone that down a bit and increase the lighting some+add trees/grass in the distance and I’d think it would look really cool!
Thanks again, Nik

ooh and, yes the ground in the background looks a little too repetitive+ it looks like you are trying to hide it with the low lighting

thx for the crit :slight_smile: Yes it’s supposed to be that dark, it’s a night scene. The image looked way better before I snapped a shot… I didn’t do a real render so it’s not perfect quality. I will do that now so it looks it’s best. I don’t have another texture for the cliffs, I think I’ll just take out the texture and go with a really dark brown… if I get it right it will look natural in the darkness and no one will be able to tell what it really is. If anyone has tips on moonlight I’d appreciate it because I really don’t know how to do it :frowning:

hmm, will this texture work?
I know its free to use.… you should try it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try it thanks!
Does anyone know what light I should use, how much power, and where I should locate it?

your texture seems to be doing weird things… I can’t get it to work sorry :frowning: but thanks anyways!

Umm, well it looks like the crazy guy with an out of focus camera took it, but If you could put nessie some what closer (not nessessarily in veiw) but close enough to where she ain’t just a smuge on the paper perhaps?

Also on the original model of her, add a fin to the tail and put it higher in the air (near head level) and see what that does. I dont mean a large fin, but a gernerally well balanced fin that could get some movement goin’ behind her.

Other than that your good.

my goal is to produce something feasible, and a regular tail seems most realistic to me. This won’t be animated, so I don’t need to worry about movement. I don’t want her closer, because then I need to worry about skin color and details that I don’t have. I appreciate the comments but what I really am worrying about right now is lighting.

Well you wont have to, but when shes that far back, I didnt even see her on screen, makes me thik you were just showing water.just move her around a bit, make he a slight bit bigger… you know

oh ok thx :slight_smile:


Instead of trying to recreate it try compositing it over a pictur of the real lake some one in a forum would notice that area you created wasnt actually on the lake right away. also try making the neck tail and body not in a straight line, it looks really unnatural. also if the its night you sould put stares in the sky, youd be able to see alot of them if their were no buildings around.
by the way this is a fun Idea, tell please us how it worked after you finish.

I don’t know how to do composite, I don’t even know what it is I’ll need help with that. I had stars, but blender makes such big unrealistic stars I took them out. The body and neck and tail aren’t in a straight line, the camera angle just makes it look like that, I will fix that as soon as I can :slight_smile: thanks!

the stares in blender can be sized down with a slider below the button that turns them on. and also all I ment be compositing is make also the backgound a color like green and then replace that color with a real picture of the lock. I dont do much of that but that but I did put shadow creature into one of my school video production projects that way. the only hard part would matching the angel of your water to that of the water in the photo you use. the photo dosnt really even have to be form the lock just a similar location.