Nessie Prefers No Fishing

Give me a SHOTGUN!!! Better yet, a MAGNET! LOL! EXCELLENT JOB!!! And if you want staff picks instantly, post it on Blend Swap :wink:

really like it just hoping this is not what you thin what really happened lol

saw it on Andrew Price’s website and really loved it!
Great work and nice storytelling,
nice matte-painted background

This is a very cool idea. I like the texturing and such. I, too, am working on trying to simplify things in Blender. I tend to get bogged down in the details, and nothing gets done.

Great idea and great execution.

Awesome!!! I was a little confused about he fishing pole at first, but I got it.
Really creative!

I’m thrilled to see this on the top row! Thanks for the inspiration everyone!

Wow. Talk about “telling a story”. Truly amazing. Love every aspect of it.

Great work and great story-telling! :smiley:

Amazingg… psst how did u do that water.???

Sure! I’ve included some screenshots of water materials below:

^Water Volume

^Water Surface

^Falling water nodes including the texture used

Wonderful concept and execution.

Steve S

Love the crane! Awesome work :slight_smile:

My personal fav of the competition. Gongrats. Had a smile on my face when i saw it for the first time.

Nice style, nice story, nice composition.
Tx for sharing the water materials, nice use of volume absorption.

Great work

Kills all the birds with this one STONE! What a story board! it nearly writes itself. Kudos and Hope it leads to your directing and executive producing it. You must name it.

very good work!! i really like it!!
i’m interest to know how you got this cool water effect! thanks to show us how!:smiley:

I like the concept good job man :slight_smile:

Awesome concept and brilliantly realized. Top stuff!

nice fx the water split it,s awesome i like it can you shoe me how did you do it

This is quite interesting and very cool! the brilliance in this is great

Hi, I am new to blender. Just wanted to say that I am hoping to soon be able to easily make art like this with blender. You did some very clever art work in this picture.