Nest House/QBI Corp

3D Render of Nest House/QBI Corp.

Rendered using cycles with only 500 samples. the denoiser filter in compositor surpised me! It help reduce the noise so good!


Very tropical, I like it!

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incredible lightning !

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thanks for your appreciation! deeply appreciated!

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thank you so much! :smiley:

WIH ada bang Rem , mantapszz!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Excellent! Not only lighting but material also.
Can you tell me what is the value of gray material on the last render?

So much detail to explore. I love it. Cool fan design too, are those based on a real ceiling fan or you just came up with it?

is this…real life? bamboozled

Amazing colors! Love the colors of your foliage, they look really good. The style of the houe is remarkable, sort of a mashup. Looks HUGE!

Yes, atleast ive seen that same shape. Its quite common actually. I remember looking for reference for that one a couple years back

I actually wonder if those fans really have influence. Its outside and they are really high up :slight_smile:

wkwkwk iya nih ja main juga ye lu?

that is Diffuse Direct Pass

Yes this design is from real life too, i just recreated it for study rendering purpose. Just google: Nest House Archdaily

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thank you for your appreciation sir!

Found it. Interesting site for getting ideas. Your 3d model is a bit different though in that the inner part of the fan blades have a hollow space, which is interesting and I was wondering if there would be a purpose to doing that. It might end up generating a noise as a it moves like a flute.

wah, Indo ya bang? kalo bole tau spec nya gimana bisa render sedetail gitu? :heart_eyes:
super awesome work btw :smiley: