Nested parenting not working in blender 3.0.0 osx

I’m using blender 3.0.0. The task, parent a mesh object to an empty, then animate the empty. Now parent another mesh to the first mesh. It refuses to be parented to the first mesh. It happens with curves also.

Is this a bug or has parented changed in 3.0.0?

What is “Blender 3.0 Task” ? are you referring to a specific branch ? can you share your file ?

sorry, I mean if you try the task described it is not working in blender 3.0.0 in osx

I don’t use macOS but this doesn’t sound like a platform-specific bug, admitting it is one. Can you share a file ?

(parenting hasn’t changed)

You sure you didnt accidentially turn on “transform only parents”?

where is that setting?

okay found it and looks like it was set to transform only parents so that is the solution to the problem. Have no idea why that was ticked though.

There is a shortcut for a pie menu, i believe the dot. Perhaps you accidentially, hit that.

quite possible. Thanks for the help guys!