Nested Particle Systems

I’m trying to create a forest using some trees I created with the MTree addon and it uses particles to attach it’s leaves.

Now I would like to add a plane and use that to emit the tree and leaves from. The particles appear, yet now where they should be, and they’re also untextured, so in render view nothing shows up.

Are nested particle systems even possible in Blender?

I found this but it’s quite old. I thought that maybe a nested system had been implemented but if not, I’ll do some investigating to see if I can use this to add the leaves to my trees and then use a standard particle system on the plane to distribute everything.

In a limited way it can be done by using the particle instance modifier. But it will not work for groups of objects instead of one single object.

Adding the leaves to the trees is easy, you just have to click ‘Convert’ for the particle system in the modifier tab. Works only for hair but I assume that is what you are using. Of course it is a destructive operation.

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Thanks, I’ll have a play with it.

Another thought that I had was that, if I only need about 20 trees or so, I can just use instances of them and place them by hand. It depends on this scene really, but since I want to start doing more and more large scale forest/nature stuff, figuring out the particle systems is not a bad thing anyway.