Net files in Blender

I´m noob in Blender, i install 248.1, and i can´t see my files in local net with Blender.


Be more precise, please.

Which operating system are you on. How are you connected to your network. Can you see things on your network with other apps?. Do you know about the P button option in the file selection box for Blender if your a windows user for switching between drives.

I work on XP 64bits, and i have a computer with a share folders and the computer which i work, normally i access to the shares folders in all programs, but not in Blender…

Have you tried mapping the network share to a drive name and seeing if Blender can see the Network Mapped drive?

I tried calling computer´s share folders from Blender and nothing. Normally i write [\srv](file://\srv) and i access to all share folder of this computer, but not in blender…

I try to call from Blender to other computer of my local net using his name [\server](file://\server), but don´t work. In windows or other programs i don´t have this problem.