Net Immerse File to Blitz3D File Help

Hello. I’m relatively new to the forums, so the questions I ask may all be easy to answer, and very stupid.

I’m making a small mod for a game made in the Blitz3D engine (called SCP: Containment Breach), and the mod revolves around another game called Morrowind. Morrowind uses .nif’s and, occasionally, .kf’s. I have both a Net Immerse File Importer/Exporter and a Blitz3D File Exporter for Blender. However, certain models (in this case, fabricant_imperfect.nif and all associated files) come out incorrectly, between the parts of the model being scattered, or the animation not working properly. I use fragMOTION to view and edit .b3d files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need more info, I’ll tell you anything I can.