Net Render only renders Black

Hi All,

I was hoping someone could point out what I’m doing wrong here. I’m trying out the Network Render using this tutorial

although I’ve followed it exactly (at least I think so) I’m only getting black frames rendered, but when I render as usual using BI render it’s fine.

anyone have any ideas?

I have the same problem too…

I dont have any programs association’s with .exr (which is what the slave renders the files out to), do you think that could be a problem?

It just doesn’t seem like the master is handing the client the rendered image…

Keep trying though!

I had no idea that it used .exr as the output format. I assumed it would be using what you’ve selected in the render panel of the Master.

If you come across any solutions I’d appreciate if you pass it on, I’ll do the same.

good luck to the both of us I guess?!:confused:

Hokay, I think I may have found the problem

Set up a network render with the master and slave. Then on the client, get the master IP. Then try to get the slave status. Do you get a syntax error in the console (on the client)?

I cant get the status of the slaves or the status of the jobs. and when i try to get the image from the master, i get a system error that it failed to load the image.

Seems to be a problem with and…

I am running into this issue as well, There are a bunch of camera errors that appear once a slave node starts to proccess the blend file. The slave’s render takes no time at all, when it should take about 6 minutes per frame based on my system and scene. The image editor also shows black on the slave.

The coppied .blend file that resides in the slave’s render folder apears to be fine, as I can open it directly in the slave renderer and set it to the default renderer and it works fine.

Ideas anyone? Or is there another app I can use? Does farmerjoe work on 2.54? I’m kinda in the middle of a project right now and the deadline is fast approaching.

Thanks everyone!


its deffinently a python error:
pyrna_srna_ExternalType: failed to find ‘bpy_types’ module
ImportError: No module named bpy_types
found bundled python: C:\PROGRA~1\BLENDE~1\Blender\2.54\python
bpy: couldnt find ‘scripts/modules’, blender probably wont start.
search for unknown operator WM_OT_context_set_enum, WM_OT_context_set_enum
RNA_string_set: OperatorProperties.data_path not found.
RNA_string_set: OperatorProperties.value not found.

can this be attributed to a bad path of some kind? Remember that blender is already running the slave before any of this comes up.

another update

I was able to fix the above issue by reinstalling 2.54 to the same directory as the install, (second option in installer) so it is no longer forced to look at the Application Data directory.
Seems to be working as it should, but I still get blank frames. The slave takes 4 seconds to proccess each frame, and seems to do it fine, the exr is almost 3 megs, but I cant see anything in any of my apps that can open .exr. Could there be an error in the .exr exporter? Is there a way to get around using exr? I’m going to try running it through a composite next, maybe with an save node too…

I ran into the same problem.

The slaves rendered the frames just fine, you could see them local and throuch the master monitor.
On fetching you get all black images back and I got some py error that it can´t access the source file.
Might be something with windows and the UAC. Also running in admin mode or using userspace directories doesn´t solve the issue.

Also funky, some of the slaves (all with the same slave file) rendered with indirect lighting on, some with it off -.-

Netrender needs a lot of work, but it´ll be an awesome feature once its completed :smiley:
Especially looking forward to tiled rendering…

I believe I have found the work around, you will need to modify the in the scripts\io
etrender directory.

you will find this line:
process = subprocess.Popen([BLENDER_PATH, “-b”, “-noaudio”, job_full_path, “-t”, str(threads), “-o”, os.path.join(JOB_PREFIX, “######”), “-E”, “BLENDER_RENDER”, “-F”, “MULTILAYER”] + frame_args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)

this command actually calls a new instance of blender and starts the render, you will notice the -F flag, which sets the output format. I changed it from “MULTILAYER” to “EXR”, saved it, restarted all my blender windows, and it ran great!

Be sure to press “Start the service”. This assumes you have started a master, a slave, and a client (that’s 3 things) and have connectivity.

Hi, all.

If this thread is still open, here a solution I’ve found:

edit the following files using the text editor of your preference:

they are in \2.56\scripts\io

replace all occurencies of exr by jpg (or bmp).

save the files, reset the farm.

it worked for me. Now my farm renders in jpg and no black render result occurs.

You Sir… are the best!!!

I’ll have to give this a try. When I get a chance I’ll let you know if it worked for me as well.

thanks for posting!