"Net render"

Hi my name is Andreas and this is my first post!
Im new to blender, and im using 3dsm during my edication for a year now. Blender attracts me because i have 2 macs and 2 win2k and a mandrake(in bad shape though) computers and blender runs on all of them.
I am making a short animation film and need to render allot!
I wuld like to be able to render simultaniusly with some or all computers.
In 3dsm there is someting calld Net Render, witch starts backburner a program that makes it possible to render on other computers in the network running backburner and have a 3dsm instalation.
I wuld like to do the same thing with blender!
How do this, I cant see that there is any built in support for this. But maby there is? Or witch software do I need to get to for what I need?
Culd any one help me out? it would be grate! Thanks

How about this?


thanks for the link! :slight_smile:
It realy looks like what I am looking for.