net rendering

Hi I’ve heared from a friend of mine, that there is some kind of script or plugin to make render a profect using several computer, sort of home made render farm.
The thing is that I’ve been collecting some old computers, and I was thinking of conecting them on as a local net using ubuntu as operative system.
Anyone knows where I could find some infromation about that, name of the plugin o script, som wiki info, whatever info would be great. Thankx every one.
O and I’m working to get a scholarship presenting a project of a free sort of second life server for students at Barcelona University, and I’ve heard that there is som way to export my creation in blender to the second life format, any ideas about that???

there are many but i suggest you look into farmerjoe

edit: theres also dr.queue if yor planning on using linux. :slight_smile:

Thanx a lot, any information on de Second Life exporter???
The server is gonna be based on linux too, and of free access and building for everyone…

It is called Prim.Blender.
Take care, it is meant to create prims within Blender and then export the prims.
It is NOT for converting generic meshes into prims.