Im making a roman-gladiator game (or trying to…), and I was wondering what the best way to simulate a net falling on something?
another thing, how do you use the 'box select" correctly? where you select the vertices on one side, and it selects the ones on the other side also?



  1. You probably can’t simulate a net, but you can probably animate one by creating a net model which you can then deform using an IPO or armatures.

  2. You can select just one side by turning on the function that hides the opposite side of the model, note that this only works in shaded view modes. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Ok this wouldtake a VERY long time but I think it would work. If you made a bunch of cylinders and joined them all togetherusing a ball joint, wouldn’t that work?

But like I said it would take a long time and would get very annoying.

Especially from the processor’s point of view.

Very true.

Well the bullet physics engine already has support for fabric and cloth, so I imagine it will only be a matter of time before we’ll see that in Blender.

to add on to PlanetPersons reply, 2. it is the cube button beside the, vertex, edge, and face select modes.