netrender - durian renderfarm

Is it possible showing a latest render picture in Netrender (blender2.5) webserver
as seen in the durain renderfarm.

see time : 03.58

Does anyone know if the durain renderfarm script is available for download?


If I remeber right all the scripts and stuff will be released when Durian is completed, so either you will be able ot get all the stuff from the durian site or the DVD they will make. Though I think someone said the script won’t be very user friendly becaues they were made specifically for Durian/Sintel.

Though it will be interesting to see how useful some of the stuff will be.

Then I have to wait because I bought the DVD during the presale.

I am figuring out netrender at the moment.
When I change the client ip adres the master ip adres is also changed ?
Further do I have to start blender 2.53 beta on every computer for rendering.

I have been reading this Maybe I am not reading well

Solved did not read the manual well sorry for that.

still waiting for renderfarm scripts…maybe at the next project we will see campbell tutorial about renderfarm…:))
I don’t understant why he avoit post them…everyboby ask for them…

At the moment I am using farmerjoe for blender 2.57 but I am also still interested in netrender

I am still interested in the renderfarm script.
But I cannot find it on one of the sintel DVD?