netrender master as headless without graphics?

Hello, I have tried the master, slave and client versions of the netrender on a single system and I really like the easy setup.
Now I would like to run the master on my inhouse server running Ubuntu 10.04 server edition.
But I am a bit hesitant as to compile and run it there I would need to grab a lot of additional libraries like X11 and other graphics libs.
Those I do not need and don’t want.

So the question is has anybody tried to extract the pure HTTP and file transaction capabilities of the master without running a full version of blender?

The master seems only to need an http port and some directory setup.
Since I would always grab the rendered pictured from the client side there would be no need to run blender like this: blender -b master.blend -a

The slaves would be nice too, as they too could be started in background mode. But those are less important as they normaly reside on different machine that are more capable of rendering that the master.

Any hints are welcome.
Thanks and best regards,