NetScape 6.2.2

I downloaded the new version of NetScape 6 for OS X, it’s really fast compared to IE 5, faster than Opera 5. Has any one else tried it?

Tried to dl it yesterday, but there was some crap with the site I was getting it from. I’ll try again today after reading your opinion on it.

  1. pofo
  1. nice…I just installed it for Linux. It seems plenty fast and versatile. I’m using galeon (from ximian gnome) now, but I might have to start using this more often.

ok…now I’ve had time to use it. It’s nice, but I’m really haveing some trouble with plugins not coperating right. It’s really annoying because most of the linux based web browsers seem to have strong ties with mozilla the mozilla installation, so if there problems in one, then theres problems in the others.

I think if this Blender Integration project goes well I might work on a Linux Integration project. There is so much linux stuff out there, and unless your knowledgeable or willing to sit there all night sorting through stuff, it’s gonna get annoying. I’m quite interested in seeing what this ‘Lindows’ is gonna be like. Becaues I’m working with wine on some things and have many problems. But I guess they have great programmers… :o

I don’t use Netscape, but I use Mozilla 1 RC1. Everything works sweet on the browser. :slight_smile:

That is, everything but those annoying pages that “autodetect” your browser, see that it’s Netscape, and block you by saying, “We’re sorry, you can’t view our page 'cuz you don’t have Internet Explorer …”