Netscape or other non-IE browser users

Hey all you Netscape or other non-IE browser users,

I have just got my website up, and apparently it doesn’t work in Netscape. I’m not sure why, and right now I’m at school (which has restricitions on notepad) so I can’t check it out.

What I want you to do is click on the below links, the first goes to my redirect page, which I hope is the problem, and the second goes to the page it redirects to. Tell me what happens for each link.

Hey I’m using Safari. And it first goes to a white page with some text. Then on to your website, then back to white, back to site, and so on and so on. It just goes into a infinte loop. Both links do the same thing.

there is an infinite loop between the two page and you incorrectly detect no javascript (SAFARI)

Note that writing for a apecific browser is the thing not to do, ever.

yea i also get an infinite loop in netscape. :x

Same thing for me too…

I’m using Mozilla-Firefox…

I’m also getting an infinite loop. On both links. Using Galeon (based on mozilla).


I think you should take away all Javascript code from the page, since as it appears it doesn’t do anything important…

OK, try it now.

I forgot to mention I only tried fixing the main page. Clicking on other links will probably send it into a loop again.
Also, while I’m here, I will explain that the software I was using created two versions of each page, one for IE and one for other browsers. I think it was trying to redirect to those pages, so I found the redirect script and took it out. Also, I have a redirect script on the page not found page, so I think that is how it got into the loop. I couldn’t explain this before because I was in a hurry. Sorry. :expressionless:

The links again:

That second link works for me now, but if I click on any link it starts looping again.


OK, thanks. :smiley: I will fix the rest of the pages now. That concludes this experement…

Both link works, first link redirecting to the second.