network drives in blender and win7


I am trying to open a blend file which is located on another machine. The folder is shared and from windows explorer I can reach the location without any problem. Inside blender thou, the browser do not show any network place. Even trying to copy the path in the blender browser I didn’t have success.

This operation works in OSX as I already did that on a mac. How comes in win7 is not working? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!


I have the same problem?
Any one knows?

I personally work around this by creating symbolic links. A handy tool for creating these is the Link Shell Extension. Alternatively, you can map network locations as drives.

I have same problem, blender we are 2013 not 1996 wtf we need to work with mapped network drive, when we will have native network support for files:confused:

Hello everyone. I’m new to Blender & am loving it. But I’m trying to work with a team now & we have a local NAS to share information. We use Win7, & are wondering how we can access the network files using Blender.

I have tried mapping the network but that was a no go. I have no idea how symbolic links work exactly, but it seems to me that it shouldn’t be that complicated. I tried searching the net for answers but I have to say I am really surprised that there isn’t a clear answer anywhere regarding this issue. I think I saw somewhere network rendering, but not file sharing. Considering all the demo movies made by the blender foundation, I find it difficult that everyone was using their own PC. They must’ve collaborated somehow. :confused:

I’m not that tech savvy to be honest, so please excuse my ignorance in this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Wow I totally forgot about this thread!

I solved the problem with the network drive mapping. Just follow this guide The letter will now appear along all the normal drives letter. The only problem is that for network rendering it’s tricky, as each computer should have the network drive shortcutted to the same letter, or the path in the projects will be broken.

Not a solution to me … I avoid mapped drives. This is because I used my Synology NAS to save things and Windows stupidly accesses all drives when it opens a save dialogue … which means even if I only want to save to a local drive, it spins up all the sleeping disks in the NAS. very annoying.

So I have no solution yet … blender doesn’t provide network access? It also doesn’t see the links I alternatively creatzed on the desktop to avoid the mapping of drives.

This is very, very sad we resolve everethink else but the main problem in Blender still exist like proper FBX import and this thread is prove for that, nothing hapening there. Yes we have tabs in 2.7 why we need to resolve such little problem, this is the reason why buizness still don’t want to use Blender yes we are in 1996 and we use maped network drive