In my LAN game in blender, I send the position of an object to the server, and then the server moves the object on the screen to where the object in the clients file is. However, when the two run, it moves it to a completely unrelated place (it seems) and then when I hit escape, Windows gives me an error and crashes blender. Can someone help me? Tell me if I’m not telling you enough.

Nevermind, I fixed it using the pickle module. However, I have a new question: how do you make it so it updates 20+ times a second? Thanks

Ok. I have finally solved both of my problems. I have a working UDP Socket implementation that works over my LAN. However, I want to make a screen that when the game starts up, you will be able to see what computers are hosting a game. Is there a way for the server to broadcast that it is hosting to all other computers that are on the LAN and playing the game? Thanks. I might put a blend up of my game is anyone is interested.

The best way to learn is to find out yourself. if you have always learnd thingys your self it will be easy to learn more.
About a system to see all servers that are hosted, you should use a ‘main server’. Think about how you can do that. im sure you will figer it out.

Hey, thanks for the reply. :smiley: I have always learned all these things myself. It never occured to me to use a ‘main server’. Thanks. BTW good luck with your internet multiplayer :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: good luck you to :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d definitely be interested in seeing the blend. I tried a python based server using socket which worked great through a console and also when sending from a game.exe to the console.
As soon as I added the server stuff to a server.exe made in blender it locked solid :frowning:

Would like to see how someone else has implented it.


the server should be Text based (a non-blender file ) made in python or other programming languages. a server made in blender will stop thil a player connects. But it wont stop if you use upd instedd of tcp. But tcp is the easyest way if you want to make Mutiplayer Games.

In my opinion, UDP is the best protocol for network games. NOR.J, the server is in Blender. It sends packets to the client, and the client will also send packets to the server. So it spares you the need for another computer. Chimpoid, you should probably look at this website first: socketdg_eng.blend contains the UDP blender file. It describes using a UDP socket implementation in Blender. I have used that for the base, however have have spent a LOT of time tweaking it and putting it into a FPS. I also tried to start from scratch, but realized that you have to have a way to check if the cleint is connected (or the server from the client’s point of view). Otherwise, it will lock up until it receives a packet from the other computer. But this should get you started. There is absolutley no lag if you have a good LAN. If you still want to see my FPS blend, just post again in this thread. Thanks

Yes sure UDP is the best, but since I tried to get multiplayer in blender working with udp, it was a hack of a hack. TCP is much easier, things that work in tcp, won’t in udp, also the way of threading is a way different then in tcp servers. I should suggest to try out tcp first before doing anything with udp. :-?

well… the Easyest way is to use python and make a server there. The server is not made in blender or used in blender. the server is only a Text server that stores Text from all the client and shares the text to all the clients. So there is NO server in blender, And tcp is the easyest way to handel all the clients. This way seems to work very well. it can have more then 1 client. In my rpg game i will finnish later it will have up to 100 clients if my aidea works as i planed. I think it will work!.

Annyways… Good luck guys :stuck_out_tongue:
My Multiplayer project will soon be relesed [!] :smiley:

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I can’t wait…[/quote]
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It always seems that I am sarcastic, but you people don’t know the number of posts where I actually wasn’t sarcastic…
I’m not always a sarcastic bitch…
Every comment I have posted into the finished projects I mean…
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Thanks for replying all. Actually, I tried out TCP and got it to work first, then I decided to switch over to UDP. It suits my needs. If I were doing Internet Multiplayer, which I’m not and don’t plan on doing, I would have done things completely differently. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I can have multiple clients on UDP. Oh well, I’ll try it out with 3 computers today. Hope to see the Internet Multiplayer project soon NOR.J! Thanks!