Network Multiplayer Template (Server X Thin Client) - WIP

Nay, I didn’t like Bzoo, it’s super-buggy

ok…you Explained how to run on one machine, on two, do you just open it up on both and off you go?

EDIT: I dislike Bzoo, I tried to use two computers on it, and well, it was so laggy on one comp you could be shooting straight at someone, but on their comp you were aiming in the wrong direction!

If I still remember this example, just open the server in one machine and note its IP address.
Change the IP adresses in the scripts to point to the server’s IP address. There’s no friendly interface in this one …

Can’t download, the uploaded links are broken…

Please check, I’d love to try this out.

Need to be fix this. I want.

Hello! I’d really like to see your work… could you please re-upload the files?

PM the author of the thread if you have a question, don’t go reviving old threads.

This ROCKS! I tried Bzoo network but it was WAY to laggy, but this is perfect! Thank you

It works great with 2.46. I never was able to get BZoo to work on LAN, however this one did work by making changes to only 1 script.

This is what I was looking for. Thanks! All the best goes to your great work!

Some minor problems such as no detection or message to the Client when the
server goes down or when the other Client is disconnected.