Network/Online capabilites

I looked up “online game” on the database and got this answer:

“Blender does not have network functionality yet. If you want a networked game, you can write the network code in Python.”

If I write a code which allows my game to connect to a server ect… for online multi-player in Python, is this applyable to my Blender3D game?

it can be, but blender is weird so it probably would take a lot of work

if you can do such a thing, why not just build the entire game? [and write a blender exporter to your stuff]

I was just wondering, because me and a couple of friends are currently working on an RPG and are big into MMORPGs. So we wondered if we could actually release an online version of the game after the 1-player, offline version.

And another question. Does Blender3d use the “free for non-profit” and “lisence for profit” organizations policy? We were wondering about selling the finished version of the game to friends and people within school.

the gpl doesn’t forbid you from selling software

and the only source code you will have to release [I am not a laywer, so this is from memory] are ones you make to blender [as in you don’t need to release anything if you change nothing, but if you’re shipping a cd you have plenty of room [if I’m wrong]]

though, I am sure about this part:
the artwork [this includes python scripts] is copyright you and whatnot, you don’t have to release it open source

blender 2.25 has different licening stuffs [and you can no longer buy a license] but I would suggest you not use that version any more [unless you insist on having a web plugin, in that case you’d have to work out something with the Blender Foundation…]