Network render in blender 2.6x BI ?

hello blenderheads!!!

I am planning my animation short, and I going to use the internal render, (yes, no cycles for this one :slight_smile: because I am using a intel i7 laptop plus 2 maybe more “core 2 duo laptops” for help in some frames, so I am trying to find the best network render manager, and easy to setup.

I did the network already with a router and I tested with with luxrender, as a test, now I tried netblender, but I have some time out, stopped nodes, errors etc. I am looking for something more stable, because I going to be working or sleeping when the mini/small “renderfarm” going to be rendering,

which network render manager do you recommend?

i want to render my blend file int network mode.i do this following work but i do’nt adjective.i use two computer with ubuntu operation system.
i create network with them and run one blender in server as master and run two blender in client as slave and client.ii start service in master and refresh in slave and client and all set correct master ip . when pres send job in client i get time out error and when i press animation in network , render starting but with black image.please help me to render with to computer or mor.thanks a lot.

Blender Network Render is working out of the box. I try to render both Internal and cycles, and they’re working fine. This is the best resource so far I’ve got

Hope it’ll helpful for you too.

thanks a lot!!! I try with the BI and works, now let’s try with cycles, thanks!!!

how can i render and modeling in network mod for increacing my system power.
please answer easily because i read all topic about this subject and i cant render in network mod.

that’s not possible, sorry… unless you create a cluster…