Network renderer from inside Blender (commit# 22865)

Hey Theeth committed the beginnings of a network rendering script

From the commit comments:

"First commit draft for network rendering.

Docs are here:

Should be easy to test if people want too, just follow the instructions on wiki

Code is still very much in flux, so I’d like if people would refrain from making changes (send patches directly to me if you must).

The UI side is very crap, it’s basically there just to get things testable. See wiki for known bugs. "

Now I just have to install 2.5 all over my workplace…they’ll never notice :eyebrowlift2:

would be nice if this was done in a way that the slaves could start up in CLI/headless mode by a simple startup command (to launch on machine startup) and require no further human interaction. something similar to BackBurner. Definitely will be used and done properly for Durian, though I imagine.

That’s the plan. There’s some api calls missing to do that at this point, that’s why it goes through a render engine.


How will the sim physics stuff be taken care off? Every node is responsible for just that frame of simulation?

If you render a file on a shared drive, it will use the cached results there. If you don’t, it will (eventually) upload all cache files to the server, then dispatch only the required files to the slaves (only files for a specific frame, for example).


This is sooooo cool.

Devs, you guys are just awesome.

Holy cheese, improved UI, Smoke sim, reworked animation system, upgraded particles, and now a back end network renderer!

And soon BMESH!!!

The devs are really pulling out the big guns for this one aren’t they?:eek:

I don’t think “big guns” does it justice. Perhaps “super star destoryer” or something like that. Great work devs!!

or the entire Imperial Fleet…:evilgrin:

anyone having any good results testing this out, it seems 10000x easier to set up than the farmerjoe method.

not to forget the render api. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Luxology is working on a fully functional Death Star(as per modcasts),
while ‘we’ provide the industry with the Imperial Fleet,
but then, who constitutes the Rebel Alliance(MAXON, SideFX & NewTek)?*

Obviously AutoDesk is the Emperor & hes personal guards. :smiley:

*Or maybe we’re the Rebel Alliance and M+S+N is the Fleet? :confused:

@rexprime, yes, you have to setup nothing.
Start master, slave, client, type in ip adress of master, send .blend, ready.

By mib