Network rendering a file with multiple scenes

I have a blender file with 5 different scenes in it. I can render each scene separately in Blender Render mode, and each time, the correct scene is rendered.

However, when I try to use Network Rendering to render any of the scenes on my network of computers, only scene #3 is rendered, no matter which scene is selected. A file is created with the correct number of frames, but the frames are all from scene #3.

Does anyone know which settings may be causing this, or have any ideas to fix this? Thanks!

I’d recommend looking into python scripting. I had to render off a bunch of different resolution images of different views of a scene, and the best way to set it up was to have multiple scenes with their own resolution settings and cameras. When it came time to render, I set up a script to render each scene sequentially. it took a bit of fiddling to get it right, but once set up, it’s super convenient to re-render.