Network Rendering and Compositing in 2.57b


I’ve been working on a large sequence and would like to render it on a small network using the Blender Network rendering facility.

The scene is put through the compositor to add DOF, glare, vector blur, colour grading etc.

When rendering on one machine, the jpg images come out perfectly. When rendering on the network, the jpg files are exported raw i.e. not put through the compositor, even though the console shows the compositing steps.

Can someone offer some advice on why this is happening? Is this a bug in 2.57b? I could render out as multilayer then composite from that, but it’s not a production render as yet so would like to do it in one step.

Many thanks,


By console, i assume you are referring to the master monitor web browser?

Yep, i’m facing the same thing too. My render output came out raw even though i put them through the composite nodes.

The funny thing is, the preview images in the master monitor web browser came out nicely with the composite effects.