Network Rendering Blender 2.62

Hello Everyone,

I have an file and when I render on my computer or in any other computer, works fine, the pictures are ok, but when i use the network rendering from Blender 2.62 doenst…

First it was a fight where is blender saving all the pictures, I found a button where I click and what is rendered is imported to my Computer…

Problem > all imported pictures are black & or only alpha pngs.

Each computer takes 10 minutes to render each frame and I cant believe that the computer uses 10 minutes to render a empty image.

Im using 7 computers in a network, render cycles.

It did work once, I dont know how… I imported 3 pictures that did work in another test file, but in all others I get only this black pngs…

Does anyone knows how to solve that, or have any experience with this new network rendering?

Cheers and thanks


So… if anyone wanna know… forget about network rendering from blender.

Copy your files to the network, open in each computer and click render with the options Placeholder selected, and overwrite deselected. click render animation…
done, each computer will render one different frame.

Network rendering right now isnt something you can trust.
sometimes works, most of the time not.