Network rendering Freestyle.

Hi all. I am working on a proposal for a new studio at work and have been trying to find a definitive yes/no on whether or not the Blender Freestyle rendering works with netrender. I have searched for the information, but can’t find anything. My employer is willing to fund a small render farm (40 core), but I need to cover my butt and make sure I don’t communicate any wrong information. This is the final piece i need for my proposal, any links to hard data would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot to anyone who helps and be well.:slight_smile:

Test it :slight_smile: You can run a netrender client, master and slave all at once on 1 PC if you need.

I didn’t realize that, thats great! Gonna be working late tonight! I take it you just run 2 instances of blender, right? Should be straight forward enough, Thanks!

You’ll need three instances to test it :slight_smile: But the client doesn’t need to be running after it submits the job.