Network rendering image parts.

Most of the network rendering scripts / EXE’s, etc, I’ve found are for animations - for example, Renderd and Nitrox both I believe can only network render frames.

I want a network render that does parts, for those really big raytraced images ! At work here I got almost seven DELL P4 3.2ghz machines, and I’d bet I could render a network raytrace 2000*3000 image in no time flat with all that power! But I need to render in parts. I do recall seeing someone’s script with a GUI that showed what clients were connected, etc. I looked pretty sweet. But I can’t remember where I found it.

ALso, when I tried rendering in parts last time I got stupid small borders around each part so i had a grid in my final image. What did I do wrong? I couldn’t find any"border" setting, so I must have missed something. I had a 1024*768 image and told Blender to render it in 6 parts X and 6 parts Y and it worked but I got this darn border grid !


hm, 1024/6 doesn’t output an integer, maybe that’s the reason… try something different.

I’ve already posted it as a feature request… maybe one day


Something like this you mean?

Regarding the stupid borders, turn off the Gauss filter, it helps a lot. Also, doing the OSA on the last pass (when compositing each parts) helps a lot. Though fixing this is technically easy and could be fixed soon.


Thanks theeth, that’s the script I was thinking of !