Network rendering one job at a time?

I am trying to get a network rendering going, and have set up some test files to get this figured out.

I’m a bit confused about the “Priority” setting, as it seems to have no effect. I would like the network render to feed out all frames for “animation A” before it sends any to “animation B”

What happens now is that it sends 5 frames out to animation A, then sends 5 frames out to animation B, then 5 frames of animation C before going back to animation A. Is it possible to get it to just render the whole sequence before moving on?

Currently, I use a batch file for rendering, which works well, but I’m looking for a bit more of an elegant solution to starting/stopping the render process, as well as reviewing progress.

Can you post some of the files and settings? Usually, given more than one job to do, it will try to advance all of them more-or-less at once.

Nothing special about the sample files,… I just made several different Suzanne scenes to test rendering multiple scenes. I was simply changing the priority numbers hoping that the higher priority jobs would render completely before the lower ones, but it did not appear to be doing that. I had also unchecked the boxes on the web manager (can’t think of the exact names at the moment) that looked like it would give priority to new additions or scenes with no frames rendered yet.

I will often have more to render than can finish overnight, so in that case it is most helpful to have a full scene or 2 completed rather than have all of my scenes unfinished.