network rendering?

my main comp is windows xp. i have 2 old windows 95 comps, and 2 other windows xp comps. all xp comps are connected by a wireless network, and the 2 95 comps arent connected at all. is there anyway i can use any of these for network rendering, or any other method, to render stuff faster with blender?
(plz be specific, i have no idea wat im doing)

I don’t know if Blender has any netrender options. Not to the best of my knowledge.

For windows not as far as I know.

there’s mosix on linux though.

But there is some work being done on it… check the development stuff.

What does “Render Daemon” do?

Maybe this is usefull: BORG Open Rendering GUI

I was wrong… look at this:

and go to… there’s a thread about something ideasman is working on in the coding blender section.

and there is a renderdaemon project on too. it works for animations, not stills.