Network Rendering?

Hello. I’m fairly new to blender. I have been using blender on my windows xp machine but I also have 6 LINUX boxs sitting idle while I wait for my animations to render.

Is there a way to have my LINUX machines and my windows machine cooperate on the renders? I’m fine with the blender renderer or any other free renderer.

Thanks much!

Dr. Queue




I’m sure there are others, but these are the only ones I know of off-hand that would work with your setup.

Thank you much!!! Are any of them better than the others? I’m heading off to read now. Thanks again.

I’ve had a fun evening playing with these. Here is what has happend so far.


Works fine if all machines are linux or all machines are windows but they don’t play well together as the program sends absolute paths.


Ran it and it actually shutdown all of my machines haha… Linux and Windows. I looked at the script and sure enough there are commands to halt the computer in there. (why they would do that I’ll never know)

One foolproof way is to go manual by setting the start/end frames in such a way that the first machine renders frame 1 to 50, the next 50 to 100 and so on…and then merge the frames using Blink/RAD video tool. Did it on my school’s 50 3ghz dells.

Hi everyone!
After puzzeling, a lot of swearing etc. We finally got Dr Queue working on our PC’s with Windows XP. Because of the lack of good documentation, we decided to share our discoveries on this program. So read it and let me know if it works for you! Happy Rendering! :smiley:

Manual + Start Up Commands (.zip):

Manual (.doc):

Start Up Commands (.txt):

Wow, this is a real treat. I would suggest starting your own thread, actually, titled something to the effect of Dr. Queue for XP manual.

Yeah, that’s better indeed.
I post it under ‘Other Software’

Hey there:

I’ve been using XGrid on Mac OS X for awhile to get network rendering the “easy” way. Quite effective and it’s free.

I’m told that other platforms can become “XGrid Agents” but I have not seen how that’s done.