Network Rendering


It appears that there are little topics based around the subject – or even containing – network rendering. I have read a little speculation about it on the blender3d site, but nothing except some introduction and, to my understanding, that it hans’t been implemented into blender just yet.

My question, however, continues. Are there any plugins that supply this feature? Furthermore, do such sites exist that may help me understand how to load network rendering into blender (i.e. because i’m no expert.)

I have had the same problem. I have wanted to do network renders, but I have not spent much time on it… I think, but am not sure, that they are working on a renderer. I have heard of Verse for Blender, but I think that is for like sharing files or something… don’t take my word on that… Otherwise there are different ONLINE things that are there own network that you can render your files from… but they cost A LOT…

This is what I think you are wanting: It is a plugin, I believe that allows you to do the network render for blender. I have not tried it much myself though.

This may also be of interest:

I had found this as well: It seems to be a free renderer… still online, that does network rendering through there own network.

I believe this is one of the paying sites:

Hope that helps… :slight_smile:


Respower works quite well for a flat $40 fee. I just used them for a large project and no real complaints.

As far BlenderXgrid, It works with Macs, not so much with Windows based PC (using any of the Java based clients). I think that it would work with other Unix based systems since blender could be placed in the same directory structure as on a Mac. (Windows units connect to the grid, get the task, but then return an error saying it can’t find Blender)

The main thing slowing down the Xgrid project is that my “high-speed” internet included with my condo fees really sucks. It’s throttled to 256k and usually slower than that (around 35kb/s max). That’s fine for surfing and even downloading some files, but not for running a grid. Right now I don’t have the extra cash to afford a Business DSL or cable package into the place. In another couple months when I get the rest of the payment for this project…different story.

If you have a bunch of non-macs, check out DrQueue. It’s a pain to set up, but should work as well.

Thanks for the extra info Unimatrix. I did not know what Respowers’ price was, and when I uploaded the link I could not see the site. Also I forgot about Drqueue I still have not done much with any of them, but I will probably try them again later on.

Respower has several blender packages and they are a flat fee per month. For $20 a month you get 15 minutes for each frame to render. For $40 it’s 30 minutes and then they have a couple more packages for up to 2 hours per frame.

Only thing is, if Respower is busy with higher paying work (ie $2000 for a Lightwave render) then your project gets bumped and it might take a couple days before they get around to it. Still I haven’t had many problems. I’ve had upto 120 frames on their system rendering at once when it wasn’t so busy. It’s basically that they get to make a little extra $$$ from us blender users willing to pay instead of having their systems just sitting idle.

Eventually I hope to have an Xgrid system so that people can render free, at least Mac users, and offer ad free accounts for a modest $20 a year donation. (Hell I figure if I get 200 donations, that pays for the bandwidth and hardware/software upgrade…oh yeah and one nice steak dinner)

Do you plan on making Xgrid for windows at anytime? because I use windows…

drquene works well … the client crashes occasionally under windows but thats because they are lacking a windows programmer. did i mention the the program is free to use? :wink:

EDIT: Is Drqueue based on a pre-existant network? Such as, do I need to have my own network created in order to utilize the program?

Well they are probably like blender, and you can put a donation if you like it.

previous message edited. new responses welcome.

angrymob: yes you have to setup your own (local) network with drquene.

There are several agent and client programs written in JAVA for windows (or any platform that JAVA works on) but again and they connect to the Xgrid controller. They just don’t render frames. THe tasks come back with an error that blender on the agent can’t be found. This isn’t a problem with other applications I’ve tried, like the cal demo, but seems to be with blender.

As far as windows users sending commands, I’ve created an upload script and then a PERL script that can submit jobs to a controller via a HTML form intergrated with the Xoops CMS. So that’s taken care of, but sometime in the next month, I should have enough extra cash available to get a high speed line into my condo.

If you are looking to render animations over a network, you could try my scripts (which I wrote because DrQueue can be difficult to set up). They should work on Windows, and probably Linux. It may also be possible to make them work on other operating systems too (although I wouldn’t know how).

There was also an article on Blendernation here about how to make DrQueue work on Windows.

Such a shame. How I wish my school would let me use their network on off-hours. Hundreds of computers – all not being used when classes have ended.

Network Knoppix (live / bootable CD) should do the trick. I haven’t done it yet so I can’t say if blender would have any dependancy problems or anything… should be fine.
Basically, you make one computer boot off a Network Knoppix CD, then get the other computers to perform a “network boot”. Presto - that computer is on hyperpilot. :slight_smile:
We looked briefly at Network Knoppix in a lug recently. If blender does run over it, I’m wanting to teach blender in class next term, perhaps having Fridays aside for renderfarming student projects.

Yeah, I just wish that my community college would support such ideas. Maybe I could get something if I wrote a letter to the tech department or something.
Man, just to think of the processing power I could have if all these computers were mine! It makes me drool.

i operate a 16 node opteron cluster (2.2Ghz, 4gb ram each node) which is up 24/7 but only works like 2 days a month (FEM simulation) the rest it just idle around. So far i only used it to render some test animations for me with drqueue, but im no blender pro like the most of you so it stays idle.

I had the idea to make this machine somewhat available to the blender community but i need to figure out how to write a good queue system for blender and make it availabe tru a webinterface or something like that.

I offered this a while ago too but didnt get any reply so i didnt work on this.

If some of you guys really want this and use it i may start programming this queue system and webinterface, but i would need help testing then.

The clou is… on weekends i could expand the renderpower to like 100 machines each with 2.5Ghz and 2gb ram or higher.

ah and of course if “we” do it it will be free without any cost to the users :slight_smile: