Network resource sharing

i have been trying to figure out how to make my networks computers share all the resources they have

for example a computer that’s idle would for example donate its CPU to another computer that is struggling

and the same for the ram and video memory… ive been trying to read up on this stuff but cant seam to find any answers on how to get something like this to run under windows

any one know of any good apps or something? (ive gotten my computers to share cd drives lol but thats about it)

a little addition

i have also been able to make my software run cross platform

i have Microsoft office installed on one test machine, but not on the other
i made the machine that doesn’t have it installed run it from the machine that does have it… works fine…

Firstly - i’m totally linux user and all my expearense based in it.

About sharing idle pc resources to another pcs.
CPU - yes it’s possable and the most common way to share resources. This way of computer scince called claster systems. I think you have heared abot render farms - it’s exactly clasters. Look at the beowoolf project to get more info( ) .
(and of couse don’t forget wikipedia

RAM sharing - quite wastefull thing. You know that the ram in you PC only for quick access purposes. If you’ll connect ram from another pc - it’s the same as if you add another one 500 Mb swap file. If you need it - make one more swap :slight_smile:

Sharing HDD space - it’s ok. You are already done it and use.

SO. Now you need only CPU sharing and you’ll achive your aims :slight_smile:

(I don’t speake about video cards - it’s make sance only in the aria on one system).