(Tyaedalis) #1

how would i setup a network (mac os x) so that i have a tiny, tiny network of 2 comps?

i was wondering if this could speed up rendering animations at all. probably only a bit, but i dont like to wait :wink:

one more thing: the comps are apart from one another.

(z3r0 d) #2

so you don’t want to run a cable between them?

do they have airport cards?

(Tyaedalis) #3

no to both.

they can connect to each other though, through their IP address.

(i have a router)

(thelonesoldier) #4

I might actually be able to use this too, if it’s possible to link the three G5s we have at school (they’re all on a network) I could do some pretty fast rendering.

(z3r0 d) #5

there is no way to accelerate the rendering of a single frame using a network

drqueue will allow you to render an animation across multiple computers… dunno if it works on osx [I haven’t tried it].

(Tyaedalis) #6

i tried to use that, but its too confusing…i dont understand how to use it.