Hello :smiley: im trying to learn something about sockets, my goal is to add some online play to my game , whats the best way to do this can someone give small explanations or tutorial links :wink:

search for BZoo in the GE forums. Or as this is not really GE related, search through the internet Python forums.

andrew-101 had a pretty nice tut, but the link appears to be down. Maybe you could try pming him for the tut?

Donโ€™t worry about PMing, I am everywhere >:D. My webhost had some trouble and I lost my site some time ago (the tutorial with that, there were some mirrors of the tutorial around, but I donโ€™t remember the URLโ€™s). Now I need some motivation to make a new site. I will most likely re-do the tutorial when I have a new site.

In the mean time I attached a (rough) example of a networked .blend. Open the .blend file up, set the scene to server and run it. Whilst it is running open the .blend up again and run the client scene. Move the cube around on the client scene and it should move on the server scene.You can have multiple client .blends running.

You can also read this for some info on the socket module: (Sockets)


server_client.blend (122 KB)