Networked Attached Storage / TV / Blender...AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!1

Morning all o/

Quick question for all your techies out there :smiley: I once again need your assistance!

I have an Iomega NAS drive connected to my router, so that I can watch films on my TV (Samsung LE40C750), and Laptops etc. I had the idea of putting some Blender tutorials on there so I can watch them anywhere.

However, I’ve put them onto my NAS, in the correct filetype to be played by my TV, but the TV doesn’t recognize them, or the folder they are in. This has happened on a couple of files / folder now. They are recognized on laptops and such though, so they are there.

I connected my wifes Ipad to it last night (whilst setting it up for her), and if I connect through one of the apps via uPnP, it doesn’t recognize the files, but if I connect through SMB it does, and can play them.

So, my question is - what is the difference, and how do I move them from SMB to uPnP recognized files / folders?

Thanks for anyone who can figure this out. It never happened on my laptop (which is now currently dead) - it’s only if I move them on my wifes laptop.

I once again bow down to the Tech Guru’s knowledge, and pray for aid!!! :smiley:

The files need to be properly encoded. There should be some information on compatible codecs in your NAS drives’ documentation. When in doubt use DVD codecs.

They are - that’s the problem. They have been encoded the same as everything else on there - it’s only been the past two weeks or so that things haven’t been recognized - although there has been no changes (updates etc) other than a couple of window updates that don’t really explain it.

Ok, my apologises Blonder! It turned out they weren’t encoded right (wrong container had been selected by me! - it had reset it’s settings), and for some reason, if the folder appears empty (because it doesn’t recognize the file types in there) then it just doesn’t show up.

Thanks for that, you saved me an absolute headache! :smiley: