Networking Add On V2.5 - Development

Thanks to blenderrendersk’s help, I’ve updated the network code and the addon, to fix an omission, as well as add support for newer fixes/features since the last release, particularly in the addon. Please feel free to test and report, it’s very helpful.

There’s a built in update checker now, so you’ll be informed if your versions are out of date. For note, there are version.txt files in both network and bge_network_addon, and they’re not supposed to match one another.

Thanks Angus Hollands for this add-on. This is an important addition to blender!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t install it correctly. Without any other words, all pictures below explain the installation steps I followed:




Next steps in the following post, I couldn’t attach other images




Next steps in the following post.




Next steps in the following post.






any solution?

You haven’t enabled it for the scene you’re using. (Scene properties)

Great it’s done !!

here is the last steps:



thank you again agoose77 =)

I’m trying to apply this tutorial:



Hi, I’ve covered this in later videos - now the server / client is set using messages. In addition, in the video i said ‘actor’ file and configuration file. Don’t worry about this, it’s all done behind the scenes.

I followed the steps shown in “Network Addon V2: [1] Creating a (very) basic game” video

After step 8, I added your instructions in “Network Addon V2: [5] In-game netmode selection” video, into the file I’m working in.

I apologize for separating posts, but it’s not allowed to attach more than 3 images…

I’ll combine all other steps in one image to keep the page organized.

I forgot one more thing

I forwarded the port without any new result unfortunately.

You don’t have any gamelogic running that actually connects to the server. In my examples, I put this on the client-state of the dispatcher. You can see examples of this here

I’ve added support for an update checker that informs more clearly what needs to be updated. It also supports patches-via-new releases, rather than the old version which greedily grabs the latest releases. I’ll add a link to the wiki docs, but for now, it’s in the latest addon version, and you can disable it at startup in the addon-preferences section of the addon settings (addons menu in user preferences).

Unfortunately the example itself doesn’t work
when I press F1 it takes me to the other scene, but nothing happens when I press F2

Regarding the update yes I got an error activating it :

In other words, when I run the template as either a server or a client, I get this message

As I said, you haven’t sent the message telling the system if it is a server of client. For the client, you also have to ask it to connect to a server, which is a script included in the demo files.

The error you posted above indicates that you haven’t copied the network libraries (game system) code to the correct folder.

Is this Linux-compatible add-on?

It’s not OS specific