Networking Add On V2.5 - Development

I haven’t extensively tested it yet, but I did the “import network” and it worked fine. the dispatcher loaded right and all the things are in identical places to those on windows, so I think it’s safe. :slight_smile: thanks for a great add-on!

I placed the files in /opt/Blender/2.75/python/lib/python3.4/site-packages because it is my install directory. As far as I remember, import network works, but I can not enable add-on.

If it fails, it will tell you why. That is the information that I need in order to be able to help

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That’s whacky… I really don’t know what’s up… the only difference I can see is I never really installed blender, I’m just running the executable. (don’t ask how, it’s beyond me)

@agoose77 , what happened to the options you had in your video for determining .blend between server and client? how do I set them now?


it’s the first time I test your new Multiplayer Addon but I get a problem when I start one of your template (it does not matter which) It seems not to work and I get some messeges in the consol. Can you tell me what going wrong?

Blender Game Engine Started
Yielding control to Python script ''...
WARNING - [2015-09-04 17:45:19,462 - network] {BGE PhysicsType is not exposed to the PyAPI, defaulting to dynamic collision\}
WARNING - [2015-09-04 17:45:19,462 - network] {BGE collision groups are not exposed to the PyAPI\}
WARNING - [2015-09-04 17:45:19,463 - network] {BGE collision masks are not exposed to the PyAPI\}
Waiting for netmode assignment message
Loading network information from network_data
Running as a server
ERROR - [2015-09-04 17:45:23,181 - network] {Unable to invoke Signal <class 'signals.NetmodeAssignedSignal'>\}
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.75\python\lib\site-packages
etwork\signals\", line 241, in _invoke_general
    callback(*args, target=target, signal=signal, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.75\python\lib\site-packages
etwork\signals\", line 129, in wrapper
    callback(*args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\User\Desktop\bge_network_addon-1.1.5\2_team_selection	emplate.blend\", line 854, in on_netmode_assigned
  File "C:\Users\User\Desktop\bge_network_addon-1.1.5\2_team_selection	emplate.blend\", line 803, in enable_network
TypeError: __init__() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given
Exit Python script ''
Blender Game Engine Finished

And it’s seems like there is something wrong with the game_system module because when it’s in the blender side-packeges folder blender doesn’t close correctly. If I close blender the window close but in the task manager the blender.exe and blenderapp.exe process are still aktive.

The blender version is 2.75 (I also test it with 2.75a). I also make a bug report :wink:

I’ve switched to an older version of your add-on, 1.6.5 . Because it’s easier and based on a video tutorial.

I want to use this add-on for a “Car Game”, but the car in both: player 1 and player 2 moves without showing me the other player.

I couldn’t attach the .blend files in this forum,

Here’s external links :
Player 1:
Player 2:

Both players connects to the server but none is visible to the other.

Thanks in advance

quick question about network add on capabilities. How well, or at all, does the server handle clients in different scenes? My application is a space flight game, each scene is different sector of space with jump gates linking them. Can this set up handle multiple clients in different scenes interacting? or do I need a dedicated server per scene?

Send the “SET_NETMODE” message:

The listener must already be processing messages in the network scene. You can do this by switching scenes when you send that message.

Hi imaginationray,
I’m afraid that I no longer support this system. I can’t immediately see the issue from your screenshots.

At the moment we don’t support multiple scenes. In truth, the reason for this is strictly architectural. I plan to add this support in future, but it’s not there for now :confused:

Thank you for the prompt response. Is there an ETA for this feature? I have a deadline of January to provide a demo game for a potential partner, and this is feature would be extremely useful.

Hi agoose77,

could it be, that the current Release zip file ( got corrupted?

The size of the file shrunk from 5.37 MB in your tutorial video to 762 KB.

When I try to start blender with that version of the Add-On installed, I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.4/", line 30, in inner
    return func(*args, **kwds)
line 789, in on_update
line 775, in run_callbacks
line 737, in poll_version_checker
    network_version = get_network_version()
line 715, in get_network_version
    with open(local_filepath, "r") as local_file:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

I’d really like to try your Add-On for some Multi-Midi-Player experiments.

Best Regards

I don’t wanna be annoying but in post #64 I have described 2 problems that I get with this Addon and I’m not sure what going wrong, so it would be nice when you could help me.


Your error is because you’re probably using a newer version of the network module than supported. You need to uninstall the network module and install the appropriate version (see the install guide).

The blender closing issue is something I’ve noticed, but haven’t tracked down yet.

I have some troubel with the actual templates, when i open the chat template twice and start the first one and choose server, an then start the other one as client, the server blend endding the game engine process with out pressing ESC. Could you update your templates so thath they work with the actual version ? :). Im so sorry for my stuppid english :(.

thx for you work ! i loved your first addon ! i was enabled to make a full working multiplayers shooter and play i with my friends :smiley: i hope i get to run the new version too ^^.

Hi Lars - the addon in its current state is being redesigned to use a newer network library. This library adds support for multiple scenes, cleaner API and other fixes (including better performance). The new multiplayer addon (v2.5) also offers better RTT for commands (eliminating a two frame delay). It removes the dispatcher object, instead using a python controller that mimics the existing logic bricks (except for expression, currently). It also uses a nicer API. I will update the main post, though currently i won’t advise testing it.

New update, fixes bugs and merges V2.
Works with latest addon. Check for updates from preferences.

What link is the download link?

can i use this addon in mmorpg game that can connect with pepoles from over the world togther ?

can you make a tutorial on animations ?