Networking help

ok i have a really short time so here goes.

i really dont know anythung about this but please3 help me. i want to have my routher hooked up to something that will alow me to plug in two more Cat5 wires into it,they will connect to my playstation and XBOX,

sorry for the mess, what is the thing that connects the routher to the ps2 and xbox, is it a hub, maybe a switch?

thanks for the help, and please make it fast i have to go buy it tonight.

You have to get another router to hook up two more Cat5 wires.

does the router have to be hooked up to the computer too? please say no…if not how do i set it up so it will.

oh sorry, i have the rouer hooked up to the commputer and i have all the wires hooked up to hte second rouer, but it doesnt work. do you know what to do?

You only need two routers when communicating between two different networks. I assume you are merely trying to share a single internet connection between those devices? If so, then all you need is a hub or a switch, though most home routers come with a 5-port switch built into them.

If the router doesn’t have a built in switch, then you need to get a hub or switch, and hook the computer, the ps2, the xbox, and the LAN side of the router into it. Then attach the WAN side of the router to the internet connection. If you have a router with a built in switch, then simply attch all devices to LAN ports 1-5 and the internet connection to the WAN port.

You need an ethernet switch/hub. It doesnt matter which, but a switch is slightly more advanced than a hub because it has a microprocessor in it to dynamically direct the traffic.

If you live in the UK, try this:
Or this:
Or this:

In the US, this:
Or this:

Elsewhere, get the product number off one of those (I suggest a netgear 5port switch) and search for it :wink:

Thing in the middle is a hub or (as mentioned) possibly a switch. To connect additional machines to the Internet you’ll probably want a configuration something like this :slight_smile:

CRAP!!! I just went and bought another router…are sure i cant do it with the DI-604

You can use the DI-604 if you’re clever. You’ll need to turn off DHCP and only use the 4 ether ports. Don’t use the broadband uplink port. The DI-604 is a hub too.

You might be able to use the Uplink port but I had problems. Not too sure if it was faulty equipment or the uplink. I’d say for two computers you’ll have one port left over. 2 comps, 1 hub, and 4 ports. Should be good.

whoa whoa whoa, give it to me step by step, pics would help too.

oh, and whats PC1,2,3, and 4?

Actually, in this scenario, a hub would actually be faster by perhaps a millisecond or two. A switch simply provides microsegmentation to avoid collisions, and gives dedicated bandwidth to seperate connections. However, this only benefits you if you have two or more separate connections. For example, if you had three PCs and the internet, and pc1 was transferring a file to pc2, while pc3 was downloading something from the internet. pc1 and pc2 would have a full bandwidth connection available between them, as would pc3 and the internet, their traffic couldn’t cause collisions. However, if the only connection the majority of the time is to the same place, this situation being the internet, the switch would only add in a bit of latency while not really providing any benefit.

The router has a hub built into it. Normally, a simple router would be just two ports, one for the internet and one for you local network. You would then uplink that local port to a hub or switch. However, to simplify things, almost all home broadband routers have built in hubs or switches. You can utillize this built in hub, however you must turn off DHCP like Marty_D said. To do this, you’ll have to log into the router’s web based control panel and disable it. Connecting to the control panel should be in the installation manual. To then utilize the hub, just treat the LAN ports like a normal hub, just forget the single WAN port even exists.

The simplest solution though, and cheapest, would be to just take back the router and get a hub or switch, if possible.

What acasto said. :slight_smile:

Anyway, PC4 would be your primary pc. Xbox next. PC3 would be your Playstation. PC2 and PC1 will be your other computers.

To disable DHCP do these
1 disconect the DI-604 from everything else.
2 disconect one of your computers from everything else
3 plug the computer into one of the DI-604’s hub ports. Don’t use the Uplink Port!
4 log into the DI-604 at
5 name is admin; leave password blank or use whatever you’ve setup; Hit Go.
6 Once you can see the DI-604 setup page you’ll see a button on the left side of the page called DHCP; click that
7 click radio switch that says DHCP Server ‘disabled’.

! Important ! Be sure to give the DI-604 a new default address. should work. To change the address of the DI-604 do these
1 Click the button on the left side of the setup page that says “LAN”.
2 On the page that brings up you’ll see a box labeled “IP Adress”.
3 Type in

After you’ve disabled DHCP and changed the default address conect the DI-604 to your router. Then plug in the two other compters into hub ports and you should be good to go.

The reason you want to connect the Playstation and the XBox to the router is for speed. The hub conection will slow things down a little bit. Also to be able to open ports for their gaming conection or possibly to put them in a de-militarized zone.

wow thanks alot, ill still be able to use the internet while implay ing games online right?

ok im not sure what you mean by “dissconect frome everything else”?

do you mean to only have the power chord in?

also i dont know which are the uplink port and the hub port.

please answer the above question too.

heh, well I got mine to work. :wink: Wasn’t absolutely sure so I decided to put everything together and check it out. Works as advertised.

Don’t know if anyone is still reading but the advertising on the box of the DI-604 calls the internal transfering architecture a switch! Didn’t know that.

The reference above, “to disconect everything,” would in fact refer to the network. One computer, one switch.

When I connected mine I had some trouble getting everything to work. One of the problems was that the firmware wouldn’t reset and the IP address was preset to the same address as the router; had to change that. The cable had to be disconected from the router and the DI-604 plugged into the router before I could reset the old address. Who knows.

I also had to reboot the machines when everything was connected.

You’ll just have to keep experimenting.

The Uplink referes to the WAN port. On the back of the box there 4 ports grouped together. Those are the switch or hub ports. The seperate port is the WAN port or the uplink. Put a piece of tape over that one and forget about it.

Don’t know if you’ll need them but a couple of links at the
owners manual download from DLink.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.