Hey there, my name is Andrew.
I am a 3d artist and a small time indie dev.
Im basicly posting this thread to try and network with people in the same industry.
As i am fairly new to this business i need to expand my contacts and resources and most importantly I need some advice from a different perspective other my own and the small team i work with.
I welcome programmers to artist and sound techs, developers or even just someone with a bit of insight.
Send me a privet message, if you are interested.

Im not entirely sure if this is the appropriate place to post this thread, however i see no harm in doing so. If i am wrong please politly let me know.

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I am an idie developer, this has everything to do with my work.
There is a reason the word network has the word work in it.
I am looking for contacts and resources that i can use to develop my game and volunteer their insight.