Neuron network

Ok, So I want to create a neuron network (idealized) and need some python brains.

1: Randomly distribute a set number of points, say 100 or so in a 3d volume of say 10x10x10 BU.

2: For every point in the object (assuming its one object) make an edge to all other points within a set distance, say 2 BU.

Here is a paint-ing:

Seems simple enough, I just don’t speak python. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any ideas folks.

Ok, well #1 is easy, its really just about selecting verts within a certain distance of itself.

So, for vert in object, get distance to verts, if distance is < 5 make face from vert to verts.

I need a python translator. :slight_smile:

You want to avoid duplicates though. Here’s a simple recursive solution. It takes a list and creates pairs between the first element and the rest. Then it calls the same function but with the first element of the list removed. Continue this until everything is paired. Just copy/paste and run in empty scene. If you want to reuse existing object, you can uncomment the part that says uncomment if…

import bpy
from mathutils import Vector
from random import uniform

def pairsByDist(points,dist,pairs=[]):
    if len(points)==0: return pairs
    a,*remaining = points #neat trick to split the first element off the list
    newPairs=[(a[0],b[0]) for b in remaining if (b[1]-a[1]).length&lt;=dist] #collect with distance filter (the if)
    return pairsByDist(remaining,dist,pairs+newPairs)

#p0 and p1 can be tuples,lists or vectors
def randGrid(p0,p1,n):
    return [Vector([uniform(a,b) for a,b in zip(p0,p1)])
            for i in range(0,n)]

#generate random set of points in given bounds

#uncomment if you wish to reuse existing object as source points (rename it accordingly)
#srcMesh =['sourceobj'].data
#gridPoints=[ for p in srcMesh.vertices]

#bundle with point indices as (id,points) tuples. (force to a list)

# get list of pairs as (id1,id2) tuples

#create new mesh object
me ='grid')
ob ='grid', me)

me.from_pydata(gridPoints, edges, []) #convert the python data to mesh data

Thank you very much anvilSoup. :slight_smile: