Never built BB*8/18/04

Hi everyone! This is my first project in a while(since the Abrams; and first BB since the NJ):
It’s the USS Montana, a Battleship that was only planned…it would have been the largest US battleship(the Iowas are the largest now)…Spec will come soon…
Btw, it took me a bout a week(~2hrs a day/6) to model the hull–the best one I’ve done yet!

nice curves. it looks really good so far. it will be cool to see when it is fully detailed and textured.

Aye, it’s looking great. This could make a good picture when textured and floating in the ocean :slight_smile:

Nice, can we see more views?

an update:
There’s small anomality I have to fix in the kegs…just for detail’s sake…
btw are the images too small? I want to post bigger images when It’s more complete…