Never ending life?

i was just thinking, never of you, guys, have think on, what happen when we die? i thought it when i was a kid, and i became momentarily crazy!!! it is not a joke,this really happened, the knowledge of there could be a life after life, and you will live there for eternity. The last thing is what is was talking about, i mean ETERNITY, so, your conscience will never end, i can imagine that, dont you think that one day you will be tired of the same things?..

i have to say it, this thoughts, the preset of knowing that everything has an end and suddenly i realized that “I” will never end, it goes out of my head, my brain cannot cope with it… can yours?:confused:

sorry, it’s not religious post, i mean, it’s from the scientific point of view…


Wow dude, I don’t really think about it that much, I try to take it one day at a time, sure I plan for the future, but I’ve never really tried to concieve what eternity is like in Heaven, I just know I’m going their.

Thought I would just get this in here before our freedom of speech rights are taken away from us by this thread getting locked.

After we die thats it. Nothing. Just nothing. Thats the end of the line. No afterlife or such.

Wonder how fast this thread is going to the lockup :stuck_out_tongue: ?


never ending happiness like in “brave new world”…
not really a gift if you ask me.

i really don’t care. :slight_smile: whatever happens happens, but i don’t see the point of worrying about tomorrow, but rather enjoying today.

jack: freedom of speech rights do not exist on the net. it’s their site, and therefore they make the rules.

I thought you were gonna bash Second Life :smiley:
Afterlife… don’t know so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist and do something useful while we live, mmk?

Thought I would just get this in here before our freedom of speech rights are taken away from us by this thread getting locked.


Trying to prevent flamewars (which is what religious discussions on here always become) about a completely irrelevant topic is a bad thing?

sorry, it is not religious post, i mean, it’s from the scientist point of view…

Ok, from a scientific point of view, we have no evidence of any kind of afterlife so Occams Razor would suggest we probably just die.

Well, think of it like this… Your nervous system (including your brain) is just a way for you to interact and communicate with the outside world. Your brain allows you to see, hear, smell, and feel. When you die, the nervous system fails so you can no longer percieve the world around you. You dont see, you dont feel, you dont touch, and you dont smell. As far as the consiousness goes, that’s a question im afraid nobody can answer scientifically. The only answers there are religious ones, and even those answers cannot be proven. However, I do believe that the forces that guide your brain and nervous system are forces that can neither be created or destroyed. And this is where im going to leave you… Nobody knows for certain, and you will find out when you die. You shouldnt fear death when it comes though. Embrace it.

actually (Social will need to correct me if i’m wrong here), i do believe it’s been proven that the life-force is a result of chemical reactions in the brain as well. i’m no scientist though.

What do you mean by “life-force”? Do you mean the electricity that passes through neurons in the brain or do you mean chemicals like endorphins and things of that nature?

Btw - Never endless life would basically mean “Always ending life”, I guess. I believe you mean “never ending life” or “eternal life”.



@Falgor: hahahaha yeah you are right, my mistake!!!

@Social: what does ROFL means?

Google it.

ok, why do you laugh so much? i mean that this post was not meant to be religious… not that i am a scientist… only was an impartial point of view… if that sounds better

So do you believe in an afterlife? If so than that would be a bias oppinion. No believeing that there’s a possibility of an afterlife is unbias. I have a bias oppinion, I believe that we either go to Heaven of Hell, it depends on Who you know that determins where you go :wink: .

Well I have the answer to that. It’s simple really iiija aaar uuuhh a big aaauuch gorilla ouch hitting ugh me aaaggggghhhhh

i really do not know, the original post just explain my thoughts in the possibility of being… a bias opinion, to be honest, i think that we only shut-off, and we just died, but as this was a off topic forum, and i read about the space thread i recalled that, and posted it…

Well here it is guys, the thing you have all been waiting for…

The answer to life, the universe, and everything that exists is… Commercial Break