Never Ending Picture

Found this site while rambling around this morning. It’s kind of interesting. It is
a picture that is constantly changing. You can toggle individual pixels on or off. It looks like an adventure in cooperation. There’s a history of what’s going on as well.
Just thought I’d share…:slight_smile:

Fun… can’t wait until they add color. :slight_smile:

interesting, but mildly annoying when you are trying to do something and someone else is trying to erase everything you do.

the first thing i saw when i entered was the swastika and the words “fu!”

I saw a dog eating a giant stick figure…

The dog was there when I got there, and what is now the stick figure started out as antennae I gave him… what an interesting web site…

This one made my day.

try ! much better!

there is something better than both that website and broth put together:

drawball is awesome, there is actually some good art on there. the downside is that you have to wait for your ink to regenerate over time, and there seems to be no way around this unless you make a really awesome piece of art, then they give you unlimited ink (lasts intil you change your IP) and make that artwork protected, it also gets put into the hall of fame.

Lol. Twice, I clicked “Agree” on Drawball before I actually read the text.


Hmmm… pretty smart way to avoid people agreeing to just anything :stuck_out_tongue:
Ah well, if people are pissed that kazaa installed adware, then I’d say they read the license agreement (not sure if the adware of kazaa was mentioned in the license agreement, though).


Interesting, I assume someone here drew the blender logo on that one guy’s head.

I highly doubt it.


It’s nice to be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Did you watch any of the time-lapse progressions of the any of the things in the “Hall of Fame” part of drawball? Man, that would be annoying to have something I’m drawing scribbled over and vandalized WHILE I am trying to paint it!

[edit]It’s especially evident if you check the Marilin Monroe portrait.[/edit]

I did the visor on the dog in that image. (just so you know)

I added the weird design in the lower left corner…

here ya go!

blender 3d rocks :stuck_out_tongue: