Never mind please Delete to clean forum

Please delete this, I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time. I restarted from the actual base file and most of the problem was, or most likely will be solved by the time I get back there. Thanks for trying.

I’m not sure I understand. you render a frame every time you f12. Do you want to render the animation in images not animation? ( choose jpg or png in render ) Do you want one frame of the animation the scene ?
I see the post was yesterdays so I answered even though I did not understand.

never mind, please forget, thanks for trying kazinger, see above post

I would have done as you suggested, you might do and rig it. I think the reason you got no replies is the difficulty to do it well. Ive seen post here before on the same thing there are different ways to do loose cloth but all take some tweeking, I believe. Also a unanswered question is a answer.