Never put shadersoftware on blender

Someone on the forum suggested i put the shader on to solve a problem he said was gamma.
reshade will not go
i looked it up how to remove it, and deleted all files on blender folders.
used “everything” sofware to make sure i got them all.
found other software seems to use it as well, probably came with the win10 dell.
but after reinstalling blender i get 2 intrusive messages every time.
pressing home never did anything.
how do i get rid of them?
As i often reuse old files, i stick with 2.69.
PS same version does work fine on a cheapo win 10 laptop!

Of course changing the settings of shaders with an external app… will change the shading you may see… but not any other user…

Same problem using an uncalibrated monitor or just one if you are trying to exchange any work with others… (…but it look good on my computer…).

Yeah… and you never considered to play with the settings… in windows… nor blender…

Maybe tried another theme ??

i used the same monitor connected to the win 7 laptop.
suspect it is the new fancy video card in the new dell computer that is the problem
but as important how do i get rid of those messages on blender?

That’s why i mentioned:

thanks but what am i looking for!!! in windows

?? that was meant for windows atart-button for the windows-menu and then standard settings… or special driver settings… ??

I have no idea what that means!!
sorry i am dim!

I’m going to anser on the original thread…

Lesson learned - don’t install software just because someone tells you to until you’ve extensively researched it. You’re lucky this is the worst thing that happened. Seriously, for anyone reading this, don’t install something just because a forum member uploads a ZIP file and says “this will fix your problem”. This is a malware technique older than the dinosaurs, bad actors on forums have been doing this since the dial-up era.

now i have to find the original thread!
ideas anyone!

Clicking on the top right on your avatar then ther is a menue about the last post someone did on the posts you lately looked at… (and because i answered there there should be one…) .

why dont i get emails any more when someone replies?

Changed something in the settings ??
Your SPAM filter was triggered because of the amount ??


Also have a look at the docu of the software used here: Discourse Documentation.

blender notifications
is this why they do not email me? does not have to be live, or does it?

it has always be set at this.

Live Notifications (i hav ethem also disabeled) and additional Email for answers, mentions and personal messages are different things… this said IDK for “normal” Notifications… if they are disabled…

But you are sure your given EMail is correct and you SPAM filter doesn’t interfere or yoy account has enought traffic volume… or… ??

(Works okay on my side… )

how do i contact those running the forum?
they are blocking my email address! yes they have done it before.
the old forum worked fine- when it was switched to this one, is when the problem started.
i did not change my email address.

You can click on Bart and message him

Or: top left menu → More → About…

Usually there is an about-Page on every website like