Never Soft Eye

Inspired by the old Never Soft Logo.
(Cycles Render 1000 Samples, 2160x3840)

Never Soft Eye by Philip Combs on Sketchfab


It’s a great start but remember the veins on the eyes are veins and not just spots. You could maybe use a bump map for this.

Thank you for the feedback, and i agree with you i have one in the node setup i will turn it up some more and re render it back out see what you think after?

I actually had the “Vein mask” node plugged into the material bump/normal instead of the “Vein” node being plugged in. Please let me know what you think. I’m going to re bake the UV map and update The Sketchfab also.

I think it is a little better, but the vein look like spots still. I’d also pay attention to the eyeball material it should be more specular.