Never Thought I'd Say This, But I'm a N00b D:

So I am 13 and I am interested in using blender. The point of saying I am 13 is so you may understand ability and skill, or whatever. But anyway, I don’t exactly know what Blender is used for I guess you could say. I know it can be used for photo editing and video editing but it just makes no sense to me. I want to use it for animation, video editing, and photo editing; but I want to use it more for movie production. As of now I think it would be cool to do an “Avatar: The Last Airbender” fight scene. I don’t know if this is completely necessary but in case it is: Yes, I do have an authentic green screen (Though I prefer to not use it! :D). I can usually figure out software on my own, but I open up Blender and just stare at the screen in awe. It never fails. I do know about movie editing and photo editing, but I do not have a lot of background in scripting, I can do extremely simple HTML and that is it. And when I say extremely simple, I mean titles, headers, and paragraphs with Times New Roman font face and default white background color. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!:spin:

Yes, Blender can do that. But you are going to learn a lot first. Go to you tube and search getting started in Blender. Find the sites with good tutorials. Watch a tutorial every day. Amazing program, tons of fun. You will be taking the first step in an amazing journey.

I hope you enjoy it, for now, visit and go to Blender Basics - It gives you a nice breakdown. Blender also has a Game Engine, it’s very fun. Check out the first link in my signature for some examples, or go to the Finished Games forum. For Video Editing YouTube and Vimeo will be a big help, good luck. I’m 14 by the way.

At 13 you’re a N00b at everything… nothing to be ashamed of.

Definitely always a good idea to watch tutorials, firstly get a hang of the UI for blender first, and then I would look at things such as Blender Guru tutorials as they work through exactly how to make things whilst explaining what each function does. As for coding, you don’t necessarily need much to do for a video, it’s more for games, however, the programming language for Blender is Python, you may want to have a look at that after you get a hang for blender.

Lol thank you haha :smiley:

Thank you all people! This helps a lot!

Oh wait! I lied! I turned 14 on the 13 of Apr. Wooh! What a difference! But when I’m on desktop and not iOS I will have to look at ur channel! Good to knOw I’m not just some child in over there head! :slight_smile:

Wait a second, I’m not too sure what you’re planning on doing and I’m having a hard time figuring out how blender fits into all this.
You seem to be interested in animation, 2D animation because you mentioned avatar. Frankly… unless I’m horribly wrong, blender is quite bad at creating 2D content. Especially if you are going to be working with frame by frame animation.

It’s OK for editting video, if you have it. But imo blender is better at making 3D animation, which is a whole world apart from 2D animation.
Are you sure you want to try it in blender? Maybe you should check out Adobe Flash if you want to get into animating 2D toons.