Never Tried LuxRender : ( - Need Help Getting Started!


It’s me, YellowLambo. I haven’t been using Blender as much because I’ve been out of ideas and I’ve reverted to messing with Blender and not much beyond that. But the time has come (summer vacation to be exact) to re-unite with Blender. And as celebration, I’d like to finally get LuxRender working!

But there’s a problem. I’ve had LuxRender on my computer for a while, but I’ve never been able to get LuxBlend working. I’ve now downloaded LuxRender 0.7 RC3, and apparently, the download link isn’t working for LuxBlend. Now that I look again, I can’t even find the download page.

Can anyone help me find a download page? Then, I’ll try to see if I can get it working for once! BTW, I’m using Windows Vista, Blender 2.49b.

The simple solution is to avoid all that frusteration and get this build off of graphicall.

It has SmallLux GPU out of the box, all you need to do is switch the renderer to SmallLux, have a sunlamp or emitting object, and have the correct settings in the render context.

I’ve just started trying it myself and it practically acts as if it was BI itself.

nice, but is there an equivalent linux build of that? (32bit)

Thanks, but after getting my hopes up, I realized that OpenCL requires a CUDA enabled card, and I only have an NVidia 6150 SE, which only has one core (thus not compatible with CUDA). Not until the late 6 series were multi-core GPU’s released from NVidia. So I need about $30 (or some time on the internet… I think I’ve found something that might help me) to use SmallLuxGPU, which I don’t have ATM.

I believe there is an option to not use the GPU (untick the box labled GPU and it will just use any available CPU cores (in the render context when SmallLux is selected))

I tried that, but it still says “Opencl.dll not found.” And then slg.exe stops working. So, SmallLux will not work on my computer unless I can get OpenCL running on my NVidia 6510 SE.

Back to the problem of getting traditional LuxRender running on my computer I guess.

Anyone have a download link for LuxBlend 0.7RC3 or know how to run OpenCL on a card that doesn’t normally run OpenCL?

The luxblend download page is working for me - just click “zip” and I get a download dialogue

This is the link I’m using.

What link are you using?

Also, there’s no “.zip” on the page I’m downloading it from. Or at least I can’t find it.

Actually, now that I looked on the page, it’s not even the right link. Where can I find the download link to LuxBlend 0.7 RC3?

Is there a 64bit build for this one? I couldnt find it on Graphicall.

@Atom: That’s the page that has a broken download link. I can’t seem to find a matching pair of LuxRender and LuxBlend : (!

@MadMesh: Try PM’ing Ace Dragon. He might know : ). I hope. Maybe.

WOOHOO!!! I got LuxRender working!

I found the script in a somewhat discreet place. But just as the previous versions, the LuxBlend would crash whenever I export the file. But instead, I finally figured out the answer: I have to pipe render the scene because the script refuses to export anything. BUt I prefer pipe rendering anyway becuase it seems more tightly integrated into Blender and no extra files lying around my computer.

Problem solved!

If another problem occurs I’ll come back here for help.

I’m off to take a shower and after that I’ll start a thread on a project I started a few days ago. :smiley:

Sorry about that link, I assumed they kept their website up and running.:spin:

While this may not be the latest version, it does indeed work. I have posted the LuxBlend v0.6RC6 python script here:

Actually I got v0.7 RC3 up and running : ). Thanks for the link though! Yeah, it’s really weird that they let such an important link go bad like that, and from what I’ve read on other sites and forums it’s been like that for about two weeks now.

Actually, when I first heard about Blender, back when 2.42 was just out, I wanted to download it so bad! It was the best free software program I’ve ever heard about! But I couldn’t download it for almost a month because the 2.42 download link was out!

We have some very limited manpower to develop and at the same time go through the whole website to check it’s up to date. Could you please report any such problems in our forums or even our bugtracker, it would sure help a lot.

Also note that v0.7 introduces some behaviour changes compared to v0.6 so if you should really use an exporter matching the version of LuxRender you’re using otherwise you might get some really unexpected results.


I got LuxRender running now : ).