Neverending Stairs

(S68) #1

Et voilà!

My last Optical Illusion a la Escher :slight_smile:

I’m getting better (IMHO) I’ve managed to get SHADOWS too!!!



(stephen2002) #2

that is interesting

you really can’t see the steps in the staircase on the left side (the blend together), so that makes the image consideriably less creidible.

(BgDM) #3

I could see the staris on the left just fine. Great job Stefano !

The shadows give this that little extra touch.

I posted the link to the Ter2Blend tute on my thread for you as well.


(wewa_juicyb) #4

I don’t know… I think that you should put the shadows from another direction because of the shadow in the lower right, it doesn’t seem to fall on part of the floor, see what I mean? Other than that it’s a wonderful picture.

(Goo) #5

Yet again, another cool illusion. I agree that the stairs on the left are a bit blured together, but their still visible. I like how the stairs are on top of a very high building far above the land. A few clouds surounding the tower would be cool. The shadows are what I really like. The image is much better with them. You wouldn’t get the same sense of depth without them.


(malefico) #6

:o yup yup, really nice !

I wanted to do something like this but I can figured it out how to do it. Very interesting.

One thing though, is it possible to make the edges less “curved” ?

Did you use Terragen for the background ?



(blengine) #7

whoa looks great! nice scene and illusion!..hey, what does IMHO mean?

(S68) #8

Thanks! Ok:

Yes, that’s why I did steps tiled, so you can see, from the fact that tile lines are broken, that there are steps there too.

Thanks! I had a quick look and will read it soon. In this image I just used a Terragen image as a texture in background, but it would have been much better with a fully imported terrain :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t got your point, sorry, I think all the shadows that should be there are there, but I may be wrong

And thanks to Goo, malefico and imagrandpaboy. IMHO stands for In My Humble Opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


(valarking) #9

my favorite optical illusion so far