Neverending Stairs

Et voilà!

My last Optical Illusion a la Escher :slight_smile:

I’m getting better (IMHO) I’ve managed to get SHADOWS too!!!



that is interesting

you really can’t see the steps in the staircase on the left side (the blend together), so that makes the image consideriably less creidible.

I could see the staris on the left just fine. Great job Stefano !

The shadows give this that little extra touch.

I posted the link to the Ter2Blend tute on my thread for you as well.


I don’t know… I think that you should put the shadows from another direction because of the shadow in the lower right, it doesn’t seem to fall on part of the floor, see what I mean? Other than that it’s a wonderful picture.

Yet again, another cool illusion. I agree that the stairs on the left are a bit blured together, but their still visible. I like how the stairs are on top of a very high building far above the land. A few clouds surounding the tower would be cool. The shadows are what I really like. The image is much better with them. You wouldn’t get the same sense of depth without them.


:o yup yup, really nice !

I wanted to do something like this but I can figured it out how to do it. Very interesting.

One thing though, is it possible to make the edges less “curved” ?

Did you use Terragen for the background ?



whoa looks great! nice scene and illusion!..hey, what does IMHO mean?

Thanks! Ok:

Yes, that’s why I did steps tiled, so you can see, from the fact that tile lines are broken, that there are steps there too.

Thanks! I had a quick look and will read it soon. In this image I just used a Terragen image as a texture in background, but it would have been much better with a fully imported terrain :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t got your point, sorry, I think all the shadows that should be there are there, but I may be wrong

And thanks to Goo, malefico and imagrandpaboy. IMHO stands for In My Humble Opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


my favorite optical illusion so far