Nevermind, Solved

All of the sudden, my backspace key no longer works (in all my programs, not just word):(. This is only the case in my account, though. It works fine everywhere else, including the login screen; it even works in my account when I am in safe mode! . I have no idea what is causing it. I have turned all my settings back to the default, but it still doesn’t work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:o.
It is a Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop running Windows XP Home, SP2.

did you try another keyboard?
or, how about unplugging it and restarting it?

Oh sorry. I forgot to mention that it is a laptop, and thus the keyboard that came with it; I cannot unplug it.

Hmm if nothing else comes to mind, try reinstalling the keyboard drivers and see if it’ll do anything

LOL! Somehow Backspace was assigned to empty the Recycle Bin.:eek:
So its fixed.:o

It can be things that are plugged into your USB ports too… make sure all the cables are unpluged, then plug them back in again.

also some software will re-map your keyboard, like the wacom tablet control pannel.

take a peek in the keyboard control pannel too to make sure they did not re-map if from there too.